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S705 (BOHLER) High toughness high-speed steel
Add Time:2010-08-26 | Class:High-speed steel | Click:169

S705 (BOHLER) High toughness high-speed steel

S705 Chemical composition:

C: 0.89 Si: ≤ 0.25 Mn: ≤ 0.25 Cr: 4.13 V: 1.82 Mo: 4.75 W: 6.12 Co: 4.80


S705 Steel properties: high wear resistance, high pressure resistance, sintering, use the general hardness ≥ 64HRC; easy for cold and hot processing, quenching and tempering the hardness and the M35 and M42 the same.

S705 steel Usage: for high precision metal stamping die toughness.